40th Year in Business

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7 June 2023

40th Year in Business

JRF Chimneys a third generation company celebrates it’s 40th year in business this year established in 1983, we continue to grow our strong position within the UK Chimney and Flue Industry.  To mark the occasion JRF hosted a dinner for all our team at St Andrews to celebrate this milestone. 

JRF began trading 14th February 1983 from our first premises in Whitehill Industrial Estate Glenrothes as a distributor for Selkirk Manufacturing after a short period and many requests we then moved into the installation of Selkirk chimney systems and quickly gained the reputation for delivering high quality products and services to the UK market.  While still providing our domestic supply only products from our trade counter. 

In 1988 JRF moved to larger premises in Southfield Industrial Estate Glenrothes where we still operate from today, with a growing team JRF now have 17 employees with over 345 years combined experience in the chimney industry which we feel is unique. 

JRF have clients throughout the UK working in all sectors of the commercial heating industry for all major mechanical contractors who make the most of our comprehensive service. 

Since we were established our commitment to provide the highest quality products and service to our customer base is still at the core of our business today with a proven track record JRF are driven to uphold these long standing values within an ever changing world. 

We look forward to continuing to grow our heritage for many more years to come. 

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